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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

At the beginning ...

In 1946, a year before I left London and started high school, I discovered poetry. A book given me by my beloved godmother had me captivated - an anthology with verse from different centuries, and in no way pandering to a child's lack of years or understanding, though it was called, I think, 'A Child's Garland of Verses'. Twelve months later, by then aged nine, and together again as a post-war family, we ventured 'up north' following my father's orchestral conducting appointment. I felt lost and out of place, and a year younger than all my fellow form-mates.

My  English teacher for the next five years (and in view of what has followed she became beloved, too), realising my fascination for words, encouraged me to write, and published my first attempts in the school magazine. Ballads at first, for we were studying poetic form and genre at the time, and later blank verse. She nurtured my passion for the poetic form; my words became a deluge and subsequently a flood. I am still writing.

Shelves are lined with filled notebooks, boxes overflow with scraps of paper, words are even stitched onto fabric; for I will write on anything, from supermarket bills to the surface of a stone. Whatever falls to hand as the words spill. And as there is no other logical place to create an anthology of decades of poetic writing, I will do so here, and remember dear Miss M. and how I became so enthralled by the beauty of language and the emotions that poetry can generate that I cannot stop.

Here are three of my latest pieces, written for a paper and textile 'Quilted Garden', all specially written for the January fabric pages. Click on any image to view it at a much larger size.

Sometimes the poems are written to fit images I plan to use in textile or scrapbook pieces, sometimes, as here, they are part of a series. Often they are just observations, or to celebrate a particular occasion or commemorate and event. 

I have been known to ‘write to order’ as a challenge, and, to tempt you to follow my new blog, I will write a poem-whisper for the first person to appear as a ‘follower’. Wicked of  me, I know, but at least you can test my competence that way!

I find that writing word-whispers and poem spills are a great relief in times of stress … they arrive uninvited and unbidden … and become a part of me, a record of my life, and of who I am.


  1. Oh Ann, I don't think you are remotely mad one teeny little bit... I think this is absolutely wonderful and to paraphrase a pop movie quote: "You had me at 'words'!"

    I have never come across anyone yet who has a similar love for the act of writing, the sheer thrill and at the same time, immensely comforting and reassuring connection with the pen moving across the page and the ink flowing forth. I actually know that the thing I love more than anything else in the world to do for myself is writing... writing, journalling, poetry... I really don't particularly care, just as long as I can put that pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to the keys... (my greatest love is the intuitive work that I do with and for others)

    So I celebrate this beautiful gift of your poetry, a body of work that you are sharing with us, and thank you for it, and look forward to enjoying your posts with a lovely cup of tea, a smile on my face, peace in my soul, a sigh in my heart...

    1. Shena, how very kind of you. And you will now I will 'write-to-order' and create a poem whisper especially for YOU. I've made a mug of tea, and taking it to bed (21.43 here) beside my sick husband, and will email/post it to you tomorrow. Actually, I'l probably add it to the blog as a post, if that's OK. xx

  2. beautiful Ann! I love these poems - being a gardener myself I can relate. And I know what you mean about mad, creating a new blog IS a lot of work! Love the banner image! I look forward to visiting this blog often.

    1. Thankyou, Susan. You were just 'pipped' to being the first follower but I kept my promise to write a thankyou word-whisper and did so this morning and have in fact dedicated to all my readers, and have posted it on the blog already. Ann xx

  3. Hello Beeacee, so kind of you to follow my new blog. Thankyou. xx