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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Layouts using verse

First I took the image top left, then I wrote the words
not sure of the source of the lower pic
I wasn't intending to produce another post today, but the catalyst for so doing was a comment by one kind person on wanting to see more verse with my artwork, and the second was that, having nothing better to do this evening, I was trawling through back-up devices from defunct computers to re-catalogue and sort hundreds of document and image folders. 

It's the same tree, but distorted to fit the column height
And I came across one from four years ago when I began to think about combining my photographs into a themed piece, and writing verse to accompany it. It is all very amateur and I have moved on since them. The experiments were more about transferring text and images onto fabric than worrying about the words; and then the products I was using were altered in composition and I had to move on. 

Actual experiments; the text is transferred onto muslin, and stitched
onto an old paper bag stamped with text to 'distress' it.
The photographic image, too, was transferred and stitched into place.
This gives a better idea of how a layout can become a finished piece.
This was to be part of a winter quilted journal utilising my own painted papers; and it was the last very hard winter prior to this one - 2009 when there was snow and ice for weeks on end and we could only stay warm in one room. This post will perhaps enlighten you as to why I compose what I need for a project. Sometimes the images come first; at other times, I write the text and go out looking for images. I can assure you that the perfect image to fit existing text is much harder than the writing to suit a photograph. So this is the most recent phase in all these years of writing 'poetry'. Though actually it forms a very small proportion of my overall output. Oh, how commercial that sounds. I write when I write and never mind the why or wherefore.

I am not sure whether the photographed words will be legible; the photos wee only ever intended as a record of the layout. Try clicking on them and see what happens; apologies if you are bewildered or frustrated.


  1. Fascinating experiments and the composition is beautiful, tea/alder dyeing for 'faded colour', old lace and words on fabric, never thought about that combining textile/paper.

    1. Thankyou, Thelma. I'm always experimenting and some things actually get finished! Usually if I have a deadline for an article in which I am featuring a specific piece.