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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Epic verse for a grand-daughter

Today our 14-year-old grand-daughter, who was once so afraid of water she screamed even when having a bath, achieved one of her ambitions - she became County Champion for her age-group in the 800m free-style. 

I once wrote an 'epic' poem for her - and her story appeared at the time on one of my other blogs. I wrote during the final leg of her 'Crossing the English Channel' fund-raising event she had thought up herself for her school. That was in June 2011, and I have to admit that today when I received a text message about the championship achievement from her mother (our daughter), I cried. And I remember sitting at the side of the pool as she finished that 2011 swim, writing all the while.

As it is a poem, it warrants a place on this blog. I could have just reproduced the words, but I had posted with images at the time, so here is a link so you can read the verse epic as it originally appeared: Just click on this link. 'Swimming the Channel'.

And if you like it, and what it represented, perhaps you might like to read the rest of the story. The links for which are here (first part) and now an interim leg. No posts for the second leg as she swam it during school hours and we could not be there. But you have the whole story, even though these two posts are not in verse, but at least if you read them, you will know what it was all about.

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