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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Weather Sequence

With January now past, I had been going to add all the poem-spills and word-whispers that I had written during the month relevant to ongoing textile projects. I am building a portfolio of completed work in readiness for this year's Open Studio event at the end of June and have little new completed work. 

But as many of these poems are not yet typed and it is quite a procedure to do so and then convert them into images (for that is how all the poem texts are appearing on this blog), I decided instead to present a sequence that are ready for fusing into a project already 'on the go'. 

The challenge was to produce a piece of work entitled 'Weather' for the December meeting of our local Embroiderers' Guild (Cherwell Valley), of which I am a member. 

Being contrary, I decided that mine would not focus on embroidery, but that I would create one of my mixed-media paper and textile 'journals' using paper-napkin motifs and words, to convey a feeling of how weather affects the seasonal feel to our enjoyment and mood. It's a technique that I have perfected over the last two years, and one that I actually demonstrated a couple of weeks ago at the January meeting of the Guild; though on that occasion, my theme was 'Florilegium' and that little journal WAS finished!

Back to 'Weather': my layout was planned; I trawled through my various notebooks and selected a couple of suitable poems that already existed, and wrote the others to fit the feel of the thing. Stitching IS involved in the making of my booklets; I stitch a frame around each poem once it is fused to the fabric page, and also prepare and attach a textile cover, stitched title, and a tie to close the book which will be a zig-zag.

And that is as far as it got with the Weather project as I was then ill and sent to bed for what seemed an endless period of inactivity, and then there was overmuch to do work-wise when I recovered. So I missed the meeting when the finished projects were to be presented. In fact the meeting was cancelled because it snowed!

I hope that today's poetic offering brings you joy - and that explaining how a sequence of words has been created adds something to your enjoyment. Now I have to finish the project which will take far longer than the writing! And of course, as these words of explanation are provided as an adjunct to what I am rabbiting on about, they are not intended to match the actual verses. You can click on any poem to read it at larger size.


  1. thank you for taking me through the seasons so eloquently. These poems truly are images - I could see, smell and feel what you were observing when you wrote them. Are you planning to publish your poems? I would love to own a copy. Also, are there pictures posted elsewhere showing your Florilegium journal?

  2. Susan, thankyou. I am going to 'publish' as many of my poems as I can on this blog, as it seems to resonate with quite a few kind readers. I have so much work on relating to my 'day-job' that I can hardly make enough time to stick, let alone think about publication.

    As for my Florigelium, some of it is shown as 'work-in-progress' on my Journaling Blog )http://annmiles.blogspot.co.uk - the most recent post and if you scroll back to July 2012, there should be some more pics there of me working on them in my caravan during Warwickshire Open Studios. This was just a sampler to try out techniques for other work, with verses added. I hope that answers your question and you will not be disappointed.

    1. Messed up the blog link: http://annmiles.blogspot.co.uk - sorry!