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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Written for a Herbal

The title of this is 'Ground-Ivy'
I'm sorting through my computer files to find which have already been typed and converted to images, so that they appear bright and easy to read. It's a five-part process: type and save as a word document; go to file - print and save as a .pdf file; open file and crop; save as a jpeg and check size, resolution etc, then save and import as needed. Somewhat time-consuming when you have many to do, but this was all ready (actually, the original is longer but was not relevant to the magazine feature I was working on at the time, though the plant was).  This, or the full version, will be integrated into one of my upcoming textile works as yet not quite ready for the planning stage, but I have some perfect old herbal pages in a book I bought second-hand, and that will encourage me to distress and sketch. It will all have to wait awhile, though I have many poems in my notebooks, which seem to have gone missing!

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