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Friday, 8 March 2013

Not spilling, but floating

I have not had a good two weeks, work-wise; feel totally drained and incapable of writing other than necessary prose. A terrifying experience; though they go in waves, my poem-spills. Today, as we drove across country for feed for the chickens, and food for ourselves, it was as if a shutter had fallen; my head throbbed and R. talked gently to me of my fears, and of what was going wrong.

And then, oh blissful then, a trickle. Out of my bag I pulled a bank envelope - all I had to write upon; dug into my pocket for a pen .....


  1. Like spring sap rising - a beautiful image - breaking the dormancy of winter that sometimes seems to last forever. Thank goodness for that lovely man who brings you wisdom and comfort just when you need them.
    Love to you both, Barbara x

  2. I see that Beacee already says it... thank goodness for that understanding man sitting beside you to help you through fear-spilling moments.

  3. PS. May I ask permission to use your 'Not Spilling But Floating' poem on my blog. It speaks the message of my own heart perfectly.

    Oh, I am glad I found you!